Sunday, January 30

You haven't found me yet

Fact: I am a hopeless romantic. I dream constantly of who he is, how I will meet him, and the love we will create.

It kills me that when I look around I still don't have someone to love the way I know I will. I'm here waiting, as patiently as I can, for someone to come into my life and change it for the better. Whether it be a friend or acquaintance I already know or a complete stranger to my eyes now, some of the only comfort I can give myself is the fact that you haven't found me yet, either. We are already in this together.

I am trusting in God. Because the greatest thing He wants for His children is happiness.


Symone said...

I may steal this... Just so you know. :]

Whitney H said...

I know how you feel. Life just isn't the same without someone there for you. Don't worry everything will work out in the end. That's what I keep telling myself. We will make it.

Victoria said...

Go right ahead, Symone! :)