Sunday, February 6

I am a dog person

Did you know you can walk about 8 laps on a track within an hour while catching up with a good friend? Yep. Just happened.

I come home and leave home constantly. My parents have these two dogs. One is a golden retriever named Lucy. One is a border collie/whippet/etc. mix named Chloe (no relation to my friend from Seaside). Chloe, the dog, is very submissive and constantly in your face due to her own oddly formed habits. Lucy is more laid back. However, whenever I come home, I take Lucy on one walk and she is my shadow for the rest of time. It's endearing actually.

Have you ever been close to an animal?

I've been close to many... growing up I was in the 4-H program. Actually, before that, we've had pets my entire life. It started with cats and dogs, a few fish and even a reptile in the mix, and "Animal Planet", as Joyce so lightly calls it, began when I was 9. We went out to this farm to bring home my newest adventure in 4-H: poultry. I wanted ducks. Well, I wanted ducklings. But it's very hard to find ducklings in the fall. I found ducks, and even some chickens and ever since we've had the yard full. I constantly go back through old photos my dad has shot and saved and you see me in the yard with chickens on my shoulders, hands, and head, or surrounded with a herd of goats leaving me unable to move without taking a goat out with me. There were days where I would sit out on the lawn for hours just holding a rabbit. Heck, when it snowed feet during the winter, I made a snow cave and watched the rabbit live in it. They were some of my best friends.

The connection that we as human beings can share with the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air are sort of unbelievable until you've experienced them. A great, classic example are of horses and their riders. They prove over and over again of the bond and team created in rodeo events. Think of dogs winning obedience competitions - they must like their owners.

I watched "Secretariat" tonight... one movie out of 8 hours of media (I've discovered I really dislike Saturdays; I can never find something to keep me busy all day long). I am a sucker for inspirational stories between an animal and a human being. Does that make me a sap? At least I am comfortable with the field I chose to pursue.

Anyway, I'm here sitting in bed and as I look down, Lucy is asleep, growling at something in her dream. She thinks I'm her best friend. Cute. Oh by the way, she's the dog in my header.

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