Wednesday, December 26

Humanity, empathy

There are many times in my life where I'm given ample time to ponder. Mostly it comes when I have time to myself. Reflecting if you will, whether it be on a drive into town or in the shower. I think pondering, wondering, thinking, analyzing, even worrying comes naturally to every human being, but with that comes joy and hope.

This Christmas was wonderful. Being my first Christmas home since after my LDS mission, I continue to be grateful for many things. My family loves me unconditionally which is a miracle for what a brat I can be. I always find love here.

This Christmas, Santa brought me a Yamaha Keyboard: 76 weighted keys and loads of opportunity. Also, a couple guitars found their way out of the corner and have been a bonding item for Dad and me. Surfing through YouTube gave me lots of memories of songs from my past that I loved from Disney stars like Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato. Call me cheesy but I enjoy the message and melody of some of those songs.

Anyway, long story short, I saw music change (isn't that our goal anyway?) me tonight on this wonderful white Christmas. What has the world ... or more correctly, what has God offered me that helps define who I am? Let's see if I can put it into context. In reality, so many experiences and people develop me but this is fun for me to look back and see what has happened.

1. My Faith and Testimony. To keep me grounded and guided.

 2. Music and writing. To express myself.

 3. People. Specifically family and close friends. To help me feel human and whole.

 4. Education. For a powerful mind.

 5. Opportunity. To be self-reliant and a part of the surrounding community.

 6. Freedom. To work and to dream.

 7. Strength of body. To not only grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually but physically.

8. Joy. Our purpose for life.

Oh... no picture? Imagine everlasting joy. It'll come.

My invitation to you is to look down deep inside of yourself and discover more of who you are. If you are willing to work, fail, and work some more, I know there is more inside of you just waiting to be found. 

That's the beauty of the human soul; 
we're not finished just yet.

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