Saturday, December 29

Break thus far

Always be prepared to play with fire.

Haha, well, sort of. Coming home from school has been interesting. I'm definitely learning a lot about myself and have realized that after this break, I am going to be busy busy busy for the remainder of the year. School, internship, work (here's to hoping!!!), and then school again in the fall.

I've been chatting with DoveLewis emergency animal hospital and they've agreed to take me for a 2 month internship. Now, I'm not super familiar with this hospital having only taken our own critters there a few times, but my plan is to sharpen my skills as a vet tech and learn how to work in a faster-paced setting. I figure if I can work there, I could work anywhere.

Plus, I'm currently applying to be an EFY counselor for the remainder of the summer after my internship! During my whole mission and then some people have come up to me and said, "you should be an EFY counselor!" So I said to myself, "let's try it". I absolutely love the youth, especially in the Church. They bring new perspective and are just fun. I remember when I was a youth I was looking for a role model, mentor, big sibling... just to have someone I could learn from that understood more of my circumstances. It came in the form of the Church which was perfect. Now I can take my experiences and my talents and hope and pray I can help someone else out. Out at school I got to be a Get Connected leader and rep a couple years ago, which is basically like freshmen orientation, and just fell in love. I love to serve.

Which brings me to my rave about my day the other day. Staying up way too late the previous night I wake up with 30 minutes to prepare for a full day. I go visiting teaching with Mom and I felt like I was on my mission again. Can you say LOVE? Next, a trip to the temple. We see a wedding going on before our session and people waiting for a wedding after our session. And the Portland temple is just gorgeous. Next, I get dropped off at the mall to meet up with my roommate who came into town for the day and her friend. We talk, we eat, and they drop me off at a baby shower. Which usually is just blan, but this one was hilarious. I won the bottle-sucking race. I don't really know what it was called, but they gave us all little plastic milk bottles full of milk and I was the first to down it. That ended my night but it was just good to be busy.

I head out of town next week with a full vehicle. I'm hoping the car makes it. I have an appointment to take it into the shop to get a few things tweeked and then I heard last night there's about a foot of snow on the ground at school. Yay.... I believe in miracles!

Life is glorious! I'm trying to write more because I like to see my life documented. It provides proof that I'm progressing. Or if I'm not, it provides reason to be better.

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