Sunday, October 14

I have the power

Do you ever think about what your purpose is? Not "yours" as in the human race, but "yours" personally? I do all the time. I wonder what I'm supposed to do and what path I'm supposed to be on. I feel that for the most part I have been extremely blessed to know where to be most of my life. But the future can be daunting without a lot of faith and hope.

I will probably refer to my mission a lot as I start to get back into the swing of things, but I had a total of eight companions. I love them all so very much and learned something unique about myself from all of them. They've inspired me, questioned my motives, and given me something to chew on.

One companion in particular had this incredible work ethic. She wasn't so quick in her step, but more consistent in everything she did. She worked hard and persevered to accomplish what she wanted to do. I have always been a faster paced individual with not a lot of endurance.

Coming off my mission I discovered something about my companion. Basically her life before I met her. And even miles away she still gets my juices pumping.

I have so many things I wish to accomplish. There are things I can control and now I have to decide what to do with my time.

An Elder on the mission told me once that he hopes that we spend our time lifting and encouraging others, setting the pace for the rest of our lives. He went on to say that time will always pass and it's up to us on how we will use that time. I'm surrounded by thousands of young adults day to day and everyone is doing something different. Honestly, I only see the surface but I see a lot of time on cell phones, facebook, flirting but no commitments... I find it superficial. But now it's up to me to make a choice. It's time to be perseverant like my companion taught me by her example. So... what can I do?

I've prayed and feel good about pursuing a career in veterinary technology, which is nursing for animals. I find the medical field fascinating and have a deep love for animals and a great respect for the compassion they teach and show us. I can be great at that if I choose to be.

At school there is not an opportunity for participating on a sports team. But I can better my health. I can exercise by playing the sport I love, really live the word of wisdom, and get to a place that I feel good about my hard work.

My dad so graciously sent me out his super nice guitar for me to practice on. I have been at this for maybe 4 weeks, but I have the ability to work and succeed.

Will I?

I want to. It all starts with a desire. Stay tuned. I printed out my findings about my companion and will venture to hang the article on my wall. My love and respect for her will lead me to do great things.

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